Client AMANDA 
Lost 30 lbs!

Client AMANI.

Size 12 down to 2

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Lost 13 lbs and 10 inches!

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55 year old lost 24 lbs
Size 14 to a Size 4 !
Blood Pressure down form 144/90 to 120/80

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lost  34 lbs + 10 inches!
then got engaged April 2009!
16.3% body fat to 9.3%
Made NFL Panther's Top Cat Team
Also writes for Creative Loafing & ESPN2

Client Bill
lost 17lbs in
 1 week!

Client Christine
lost 20 lbs 

10 inches!
90 days

Male Client Christian
gained 15 lbs of muscle mass 
in 90 days!
Congratulations Caiti!

NFL Panthers Top Cat 2009 

Engaged April 2009!

22%  down to 9.2% body fat
lost 15lbs in lower body

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Client Nikki
lost 11 lbs 
in 5 days!

Client Patricia S. 
lost 12 lbs 
in 3 weeks!.

Client CARLA

Lost 20 lbs!

Beautiful Brows
Charlotte's Eyelash Guru

Client DANA
  LGPA Hall of Fame

Increased mobility!

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Dana Rader Golf School
Client DAVID

Lost  45 lbs and 6 pants sizes!
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Charlotte Bobcat Executive
Ed Lewis
Reduced Blood Sugar Levels!
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Client  GILDA
Lost 26 lbs!

Client  WENDY
 lost  10 lbs
in the first week!

Client Richard
lost 20 lbs 
Gained 18 lbs of lean,
cut muscle!

Client TONI

Size 24 to 14

 in 3 months!


CHA Liason 
TV Host

Lost 22lbs and 15 inches!

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Client JULIE

Toned up in just a few short weeks!

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Clients PAT & DAVE

Pat lost 22lbs & 20 inches
Reduced blood pressure from 159/98 to 116/75!
President of Charlotte Christian Chamber

Dave lost 15 lbs and 8 inches
Incresed flexiblity 0 inch to 12 inch reach!
Master Woodcarver

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Lost 4 lbs in the first 3 days
She's down 20lbs currently

Dropped 7lbs in Abs class!

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49 year Old

  • Lost 25lbs
  • Blood Pressure 172/93 to 129/89
  • Waist down form 44inches to 34 inches!
  • Gained 8lbs of lean, cut muscle!

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Client KELLY


Busy Dentist & Dancer
 Lost 17 lbs and 9 inches!

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Client KIM

Lost  16lbs 
Reduced 9 inchs
 in lower abdomen

Fabulous 40's!


Burned 4 lb fat

Cut upper body 
Lost 4 inches off hips

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Lost 4lb fat & 2 in off waist
Gained 5 lbs lean cut muscle

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Client GAIL

Lost 17 lbs fat 
& over 9 inches
then got married!

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Client TONY

Golf performance improved
Lost Gut & Got Cut!

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 Fabulous 40's!

Lost 13 lbs and  8 inches off waist
Gained 9 lbs of cut, lean muscle!

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Client Linda

Lost 32 lbs
most from hip & thigh
Weight lost lauched modeling career

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Client TASHA

Size 12 to 6!
Swimsuit Ready!

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Client PAT

Lost 20 lbs and 20 inches
gained a new outlook on life!

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Client PAIGE

Size 10 to 4

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Client Stanley

This experience was one of the BEST things that ever happened to 
me.  Thank you to my trainer, Antoinette,  and Pro-Trainer fitness. I can describe my experience in two words...LIFE-ALTERING!!!”

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Client Shanel

Lost 50 bls

then discovered in Norstroms

Became 1st Official Dove Beauty Girl (click here)

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Client TRACY

 Lost 23 lbs
        Completed a TRIATHOLON 
(Swim, Bike, Run)
 Newly Engaged!

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Client KENYA

Lost over 100 lbs!

“Everybody is not meant to be a size 2 but remember to fit your frame. Your body is a temple if GOD doesn't make additions to your temple please don't do it yourself. Eat healthy Live healthy, Be healthy.”



Size 18 to 12!

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Size 12 to 8
Getting Ready for her Wedding!

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Client KAREN C.
 lost 3 
Dress Sizes

taking water workout classes!

Client Karen B
lost 21 lbs & 14 inches
 (4 dress sizes)

on the Self Directed 
90 Day Weight Loss Program

"Antoinette's program is the only thing that has worked for me and I've tried everything!"

Client Sherri M. 
lost 22lbs  (4 dress sizes) 
from 37.6% down to 24% body fat
90 Day Weight Loss Program
" life is better and I can get into size 4's !" 
Diane P.  lost 12lbs and 8 inches
 Karen B.  lost 6 inches 
on the self directed program

"I will absolutely say, that I benefited a great deal from your detoxification / weight loss program. I can truly feel the difference in my body . My energy level has increased, and I am feeling much better. With out your education, I would have continued with the sugar and wine consumption with no visible results from my workouts. I know that it is important for me to stay the course, and I hope I am able to do that. My next goal is to now tighten and firm specific areas. 
Your entire training and nutritional approach is quite effective. I am a better person having experienced your program."                                      
- Client B. Rivera

"While I know I will NEVER find anyone as talented, knowledgeable, friendly and motivating as you.    I enjoyed working with you tremendously.  I wish you and David all the best.  Hope to see you soon and please stay in touch!"

         -Client S. Rutherford

 Client C. Boyd lost 64 lbs!!

Client C. Belgrave 
lost 32 lbs  &  8 inches!! 

"I am very pleased with the results of my training sessions with you and look forward to the next level of our journey."

Client C. Hart
lost 18.32 lbs!

Client R. Furgeson lost 19 inches 
Size 14 down to size 8!

Blood pressure down from 130/87  to  112/75
Client L. Rodriquez lost 11 lbs 
and 2 dress sizes!

Client B. Reid lost 37lbs
 and 6 dress sizes!

Client M. Yearwood lost 42lbs
and 21 inches!

" By the end of the program I had hit my goal weight of 157!   It's been a joy to work with you! I am truly pleased with the results of our time together and look forward to maintaining - thank you, thank you! "

Client D. Smith lost 8lbs 
and 10 inches!