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Boxing Intervals & Conditioning-
This is a contact boxing class utilizing basic kicks and punches. Designed as a total body workout, this class will make you sweat! Resistance training, abdominal work and stretching, and jump rope are added to the end of the workout. Bottom Line:  burns fat and calories in large amounts, cuts & defines mid-section, shoulder, and arms.  Tough Workout that gives instant results! 1 hr

** Group and Private one on one sessions  available upon request.
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Fitness Assessment
This is a great way to start a new exercise program or to compliment an existing one.  Your current fitness level will be assessed by testing such areas as aerobic capacity, body composition, flexibility, muscular endurance/strength, blood pressure, and heart rate.  You’ll receive a take home, printed report that includes your percent body fat, body mass index, water rate, basal metabolic rate, and current caloric intake.  To finish, our personal trainer will recommend a take home, realistic plan to reach your fitness goals.
60 Minutes-$85

Personal Training
Enhance your workout program by working one on one with a certified personal trainer.  Let us modify your workout to fit your individual goals and needs.  Special workouts are available for you to take home or use while traveling.
60 Minutes-$125


Our trained providers will come directly to your facility, relieve stress, improve morale and increase staff productivity by offering the following services and more: Aromatherapy Chair Massage, Office Reflexology, Seminars, Fitness Classes including Office Yoga and Health Fairs, as well as customized, comprehensive programs for companies. 

Personal Training for Golfers

A one on one session working with our fitness and lifestyle experts that will target and focuses on strength and flexibility training to enhance one’s game.
60 Minutes-$125

"Every time I come to Ballantyne, I feel refreshed.  We live in the Atlanta area and come to Charlotte to see our daughter and her family.  One of the highlights is looking forward to water aerobics at Ballantyne.  Not only are the grounds and hotel an inspiration, but so is Antoinette, the instructor.  My husband asked why I needed to go for a workout when I am a member of a gym in Atlanta.  I told him Antoinette was the best instructor in water aerobics that there is.  She encourages not only in aerobics but a healthy lifestyle, and she is an adorable example with her own fitness.  Thanks for the uplift! "                  
  --Dottie Thorpe
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This is a complete fat burning fitness workout for swimmers and non-swimmers in 89 degree, 4 foot shallow pool. The water provides extra resistance for muscle toning and strengthening. Bottom Line:  Perfect for someone who needs non-weight bearing exercise -  arthritis, knee injuries, knee rehab, hip replacement, obesity, and foot problems..
Abs! coming back soon-
Tone your abs! This 1 hour workout focuses on burning fat and strengthening your abs. This class progresses throughout the quarter, beginning with ab exercises on the floor and advancing to ab exercises on stability balls with 30 min aerobic intervals in the start of the class. Bottom Line:  flatten & define your abs!  
This class takes students through a basic sequence of shortly held, gentle & relaxing poses. Some time will be spent learning about physical alignment, proper use of breath, focus of attention and the benefits of individual poses. Mat & blocks will be provided but you may bring your own!  Designed to improve your body, quiet your mind, and increase the flow of vital energy in your body. The practice of these poses aids in developing your body by toning and stretching the muscles.  Focusing on core (torso) stabilization it helps to reduce risk of back/postural problems.  Bottom Line:   Yoga is a “meditative stretch”, increases flexibility, and decreases stress!
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Zumba & Toning
Strengthen and tone your muscles from head to toe. Classes will include a warm-up segment, muscle-specific exercises, abdominal work and stretching. Equipment used includes dumbbells, and resistance bands with Zumba aerobics! Bottom Line:  Defines and firms body, designed to increases metabolism so you burn fat while you rest and sleep!  Prepare to be sore! 1 hourt.
Belly Dance:     Burn Belly & Hip Fat to drum style music & exotic moves 
We are pleased to announce the we now offer Aqua Zumba classes at select locations: 

Water aerobics is a very popular way to exercise for people who are overweight and those who are recovering from injury. Aqua Zumba incorporates dance and fitness moves and makes it fun for anyone who wants to exercise in the water. Accompanied by fun, upbeat music, Aqua Zumba makes exercising seem like a pool party.

Exercising in the water gives you the same benefits as exercising on land. Cardio stamina, muscle building, and weight loss can all be obtained from a water fitness class. Movement against water creates resistance that is similar to other resistance exercise such as weight lifting, exercise tubing and fitness machines. In addition the buoyancy of the water makes movement low impact creating less stress on the body.

Aqua Zumba uses mostly Latin music rhythms such as merengue, cumbia and salsa. Because of the resistance of the water, movements will be slower than in a class you would do on land, yet they can be just as intense.

It is recommended to wear special water shoes while doing water aerobics. These shoes provide cushion and support and have tread on the sole to create traction for the bottom of the pool. Some aqua shoes have soles that facilitate water drainage.

September Class Schedule


 Pro Trainer Fitness has formally transitioned to health education (Crown Wellness Group) and was recently awarded government funding to start a behavior change obesity program. 

Beginning November 01, Pro Trainer Fitness will no longer service the Fitness Center at Ballantyne Hotel. The Spa at Ballantyne will be managing fitness from November 01, 2013 going forward. 

•All fitness classes will officially end Oct 01, 2013.

Stand by for further updates