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 90 day Weight Loss Program
Don’t do it yourself, let us help you stick to your commitment and loose weight, get your body back in balance with our 90 day Weight Loss Program under the direction of Dr. Antoinette Lewis, PhD candidate of Health Psychology and her staff –a diverse team of ,trainers, life coaches and health specialists!  

We don’t just put you through stressful exercises, but rather set you up on a structured program through a Lifestyle Assessment, Blood Pressure Check and Body Fat Analysis. We provide a 90 day take home nutrition plan and exercise homework as well and one-on-one guidance!  Hormonal changes, Stress, and Emotional Eating addressed also.

Program includes 
- 12 Group Fitness Classes
- Pre & Post Assessment, Nutrition Plan
- Wellness Lecture on Stress, Lifstyle, Upwards - Mobility, Fear, and Weight Loss

Pro Trainer Fitness located at the Spa at Ballantyne, Charlotte NC, has over 40 active clients participating in
High-intensity interval training (HIIT).  
Our clients are usually under time limitations, we use HIIT because it is an exercise strategy that is intended to get fantastic results with short training sessions. HIIT is a form of cardio which is beneficial to burning fat and tone muscle in a short, intense workout. Usual HIIT sessions may vary from 15-30 minutes. 
For example, for running, a HIIT session may be something as 60 seconds jog, 30 seconds sprint. Another set may be 1 minute bicep curls and 30 second jump rope in 3 rounds. Or 3 min boxing set followed by 1 min abs set

Studies show that this method is more effective at burning fat and maintaining, or building, muscle mass than lower intensity aerobic work-outs by increasing the metabolism for the following 24 hours    Another benefit has been shown that two weeks of HIIT can substantially improve insulin action in young healthy men. HIIT may therefore be a great method for prevention of type-2 diabetes due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption .
Interval Training Client Results
90 day program with nutrition plans 
51 yr old Client B. Moore: Lost 29 lbs and 11 inches! 
- 62 year old Client P. Baldridge: Lost 22lbs and 20 inches, 
                                            Blood pressure went from 159/98 to 116/75!   
                                                         (See Testimonial Page)
63 yr old Male Client D. Baldridge: Lost 15lbs and 8 inches, gained over 6 lbs of muscle,                                      lexibility went from 0 inches reach to 12 inch reach!   
                                                        (See Testimonial Page)
- Spa Client C. Boyd: Lost 20 lbs. 10 inches in 3 mos
- Client T. Davis:  Lost 15lbs 3 weeks into program! To Date: 20lbs down!
- Client R. Hicklin: Lost 4lbs 3 days into the program!
- Client N. Stephens:  Lost 11 lbs 5 days into the program!
- Spa male Client C. Melendez: Gained over 15 inches of muscle mass!
49 yr old Male Client T. Jones:  Lost 24lbs, lost 8 inches,                       
                                                Gained 8 lbs of muscle mass;
                                  Blood pressure went down form 172/93 to 129/89!
(See Testimonail Page)
Client L. Rosenburg lost 5 lbs in the first week.!
- Client W. Lane lost 10 lbs after only three sessions
38 year old  Male Client Bill T.  lost 17lbs in just one week!
53 yr old Spa Cient P. Saldarriega lost 12lbs in a few weeks !
Instensive training offered for 
Dance Team Tryouts

        (Home of the 3-Day Cheerleader Diet!

Brittney Cason
Sports Illustrated
2006 NFL Panters Top Cat

"You got me here, thanks Antoinette!"
Client Caiti Berg
Engaged April 10, 2009  ..... Congratulatons!!   
2009 NFL Panthers Top Cat
(congratulations again!!)
“I was spending so much time in the gym, and should have been seeing more improvements, but my body and fitness level was just plateau.  I was getting frustrated that I wasn't seeing improvements.  I also wanted to be in shape for dance and confident dancing in the outfits I had to wear.  I didn't want to be concentrating on my body rather that the dance.”
Her results: 
15.5% body fat down to 9.3% 
“I lost my tummy! My body became more efficient from the foods I was eating with the nutritional guide Antoinette gave me in addition to detailed specific workouts tailored for my body for what I was trying to acomplish.  I slimmed down and started seeing the definition in my body along with my endurance level getting better.” 
On that I have more confidence with the way I look and feel.  I feel more prepared for dance try-outs.  I'm hoping to run a marathon in the near future just for fun.  I love dancing and it's nice to be able to keep up at practices and give it my all.  I can focus on dancing my best for audiences inside of worry about my appearance.”            
                                                                                                       -- Caiti
                    Body Fat :  16.6% down to 9%
Brittney - published columnist 
ESPN Sports
Creative Loafing
Elevate Magazine
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Purchase Package $1160
Purchase Package $1160