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Antoinette Lewis King, PhD candidate
Published Health Promotjon Specialist

   ANTOINETTE is a published health and fitness expert who has been in the industry since 1985. She individually trains a variety of populations, teaches fitness classes and lectures on health issues throughout the Carolinas. She has worked with coaches and players in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), Carolina Panthers (NFL) Cheerleaders, along with numerous Federal Government Agencies (worksite programs) in Washington, DC. She has been featured both nationally on CNN and locally NBC-6, as well as in several exercise videos. Her client list include George Clooney, and most notably Dana Radar (LPGA hall of fame nominee), and many more. Her work places emphasis on sensitivity with female clients, weight loss issues, and behavior modification. 

   Her unique approach addresses the whole person by incorporating a deep understanding of the mind-body connection along with nutrition and fitness, which yields profound and compelling results.  It’s been said that she “changes lives” as the client transforms their body, so does everything around them.  Her passion in life is to help others on their journey towards self-empowerment and obtain optimal health through her own personal growth experiences. 

ANTOINETTE received a Master of Science degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Health Promotion & Kinesiology.  In addition, she has authored numerous articles with publication credits including

  • Consumer Reports Health
  • Glamour
  • Fitness Magazine
  • Pulse Magazine
  • Charlotte Health & Fitness Sports Magazine
  • Pride Magazine

She has instructed at Johnson C. Smith University  and CPCC on Exercise Science, Personal Health & Well Being, and more!

She owns and directs her wellness program from the award winning 4 star Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge Spa. Her staff is a diverse team which includes a cardiologist, reflexologist, yoga-palates specialist, certified trainers and instructors.  Also, we have a wonderful corporate wellness program that focuses on decreasing job stress for employees which reduces disease, therefore reducing employee health care cost thus a profit increase for the company! Youth athletic training, belly dance classes, water therapy class, bridal boot camp, Zumba and more offered!

Her future plans target publishing text, addressing the vital mind-body pathway and its influence on behavioral health practices.  Further, to develop an application of her studies in psychoneuroimmunology to establish an integrated wellness component for health programs in spas, resorts, hospitals and other medical service organizations.  Lastly, her plans include launch of a web-based institution certifying health professionals.

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